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We offer everyday boat diving, the entering and exiting the water being as easy and comfortable as possible so that you have the best experience.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to breathe underwater?

If you want to find out but aren’t quite ready to take the plunge into a certification course, 'Diving And More' will let you try scuba to see if you like it.

Diving is your ticket to underwater exploration

You say you want to see the world; this is a way to truly see the world as 71% of the earth is covered in water.

Diving with sharks

False Bay/Seal Island, South Africa

When to dive: April – September When observing the cape fur seal carpet that fringes Seal Island you may be able to hear the faint wail of a dinner bell that never stops ringing. The premier place to see fully-athletic shark breaches, the predators may just host the most entertaining seal lunch you’ve ever attended. Not only do you get to catch the sharks in flight topside, but also through the steel-jawed cage where only the daring will float, you get to stare off with the toothy predators.

Fish Rock, Australia

When to dive: Year-round One of the few dive sites in the world where you can swim with the critically endangered grey nurse sharks in their hundreds. The 120-metre-long cave is one of the best in Oz, providing an exciting dive for even the most experienced of divers. You’ll dive into the tunnel entrance over huge wobbegong sharks and spot large bull rays resting on the bottom, whilst your torchlight pierces through the dark shadows discovering other tiny critters that rest in the cracks.

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

When to dive: June – December Dive with the shy hammerheads who travel in numbers like biker gangs, circling overhead in groups of 100 to 250 strong. In the high season you can swim near the fins of the largest fish in the sea, the whale shark – which often brings its own tag-along mini-ecosystem of remoras, cleaner fish, tuna and mackerel.

Diving in the Great Barrier Reef

Explore the world

Getting there

Cairns, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Townsville Airports receive international flights. Smaller regional airports service the smaller cities and the reef islands.

What to see

Everything from dwarf minke whales, sea turtles, manta rays, sharks, carpet sharks, sea snakes, cuttlefish, bumphead parrotfish, leopard moray eels, potato cod and macro life. It's the world's largest reef system so you can truly expect to see a bit of just about everything.

Other attractions

Visit the tropical rainforests of Daintree, Cape Tribulation or Mossman Gorge and marvel at the waterfalls of the Atherton Tablelands. Stop by one of the many zoos or parks to learn about saltwater crocodiles, koala, wallabies, cassowaries and other indigenous creatures.

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Diving photography

Small underwater photography guide

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Underwater photography and liveaboards

While a resort-based holiday often allows you the opportunity to dive on easier dive sites or repeat the same dive to catch the right shot, many liveaboards are geared towards photographers and by virtue of the fact they provide access to the world’s best diving, offer a great deal for photographers. Aside from the quality of the diving and the photographic facilities, liveaboards also tend to offer more dives and therefore more time in the water to capture some great images.

Developing your skills

The marine environment is key to creating good conditions for photography and this is even more relevant if you are looking to practice or develop your underwater photography skills. Having a variety of interesting subjects to photograph is one part of the equation, but there are others possibly of greater importance.

Improve your experience

Dive sites with calm conditions that allow you to take your time make a big difference. Unless you are practicing your macro photography, good visibility is also hugely beneficial. Access to relatively shallow dive sites also allows you more time underwater to practice, while dive centres that have small groups and are familiar dealing with photographers, with good facilities will also improve your experience.

Amazing Author


Luca Hodgson, a Chief at DivingAndMore

We specialize in organizing private rib excursions for snorkeling, diving or just swimming and relaxing. We organize full or half day trips at the coastline of Athens and the nearby islands.
All of our crew members are certified diving & first aid instructors and our ribs are fully equipped in line with the latest safety regulations.
We are driven by our passion for cruising and exploring the secret beauties of Athens riviera. Our purpose is to offer all guests this unforgettable experience combined with a friendly spirit!


The class was an honest look look at some, at times uncomfortable, truths in a safe environment which empowers you to become a far more competent team player


Mollie Holland

What I personally got was a better understanding of skills that will serve me well in life interactions, not just diving. Communication, leadership & followership and situational awareness - all good! If everyone did this course it would help person-to-person and day-to-day interactions immensely, even non-divers!


Harriet James

Luca, thank you for creating and capturing a course that allows the exploration and tools to form a solid foundation base for the cultural anthropology in diving safety, and how to grow ourselves and others. Its just what our dynamic industry needs to be able to flourish and move forward safely.


Harry Smart

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Diving is your ticket to underwater exploration.

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